inConcert is named Trusted Cloud Provider and earns a new Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge


By inConcert
June 29, 2023


inConcert obtained the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge v.4 (CCSK), which accredits the company as a Trusted Cloud Provider by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). This certification is a huge milestone for the organization and provides several benefits and opportunities for the company and clients looking for safe and first-class service.

"The CCSK is objective, reliable, and irrefutable proof of inConcert's ability to deliver top-notch security in the cloud. This certificate reflects our commitment and reinforces the trust of our customers and partners, demonstrating once again that we follow the best practices and highest industry standards." Said Francisco Salgueiro, VP of Engineering at inConcert.

The inConcert omnichannel portfolio, created with innovative proprietary technology, operates on a Cloud infrastructure. This guarantees redundancy, high availability, and adherence to strict data security and privacy standards in customer service.


Built upon existing Cloud Security Alliance programs, the Trusted Cloud Provider program allows organizations to showcase their commitment to comprehensive security measures and superior services, serving as a reference for customers seeking cloud providers that meet their specific security needs.

The CCSK certificate is the standard of expertise for cloud security. Earning this credential confirms inConcert's ability to develop a comprehensive cloud security program in line with global standards, including best practices for IAM, cloud incident response, application security, data encryption, SECaaS, securing emerging technologies, and more.


inConcert has a constant commitment to the security of its technology, operations, and data, complying with the highest standards: the company also adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union and additional certifications such as ISO 27001, an international compliance standard regarding information security.

The GDPR sets specific requirements for the collection, storage, and management of personal data. These rules apply to European organizations processing the personal data of EU citizens, as well as non-EU organizations targeting individuals living in the EU.

inConcert's data centers are located in Spain and the United States, collaborating with three cloud service providers across four cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Miami, and Dallas. Despite operating globally, inConcert adheres to the strictest legal requirements in each region to guarantee data security for its clients and users.