inConcert allows you to manage WhatsApp and Instagram from the Omnichannel Contact Center platform


Eduardo Iglesias
February 15, 2019


inConcert's Omnichannel Contact Center platform adds WhatsApp and Instagram to its customer service channels. These are the customer contact channels that have grown the most in the last year, and OCC allows them to be easily integrated into all Contact Center interactions. In this way, inConcert's technology is once again at the forefront, enabling increasingly complete omnichannel management, adapted to the uses of companies and the connection needs of end users.

What can be done with WhatsApp in the OCC?

Now you can add and manage from OCC your WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business accounts, in a simple way and with extensive functionalities:

  • Manage and distribute queries: Queries that arrive via WhatsApp remain in a conversation history along with the interactions that contact had through all other OCC channels. Agents can view the entire conversation thread, allowing them to provide consistent and unified attention. Interactions can be distributed according to the distribution criteria used for the other channels.
  • Outbound: Broadcast messages and individual outbound messages can be sent either manually or through automated actions that respond to a pre-established workflow.
  • Multimedia: Interactions support all WhastApp formatting possibilities (except contact attachments): emojis, audios, images, files and videos.
  • Pre-assembled messages: For more efficient agent attention, templates with frequent responses can be configured.
  • Bots: It is possible to automate care through the use of our intelligent bots.
  • Security: It has WhatsApp data security, end-to-end encryption..
  • Account management: You can disassociate the contact number used by the company at any time you want. In addition, it is possible to associate more than one WhatsApp account to the same campaign.

To learn more in detail about the use of WhatsApp for customer service, you can see this guide on the InConcert blog.

How does Instagram integrate with the OCC?

Instagram is the social network most used by micro-businesses, but it has also established itself as a strategic medium for large companies. The integration of Instagram to the OCC is extremely simple and allows managing all the public comments of the profile from a single platform, fully integrated with other social networks and Contact Center channels.

Agents can send replies to comments including emojis, as if they were replying from the mobile app. In addition, you can schedule posts and track the reach of publications, viewing the most important statistics of each post on Instagram to optimize communication and better manage the community on Instagram.