Contact Forum 2021: inConcert attends with a keynote speech


By Julia Morales
October 26, 2021


On October 20 and 21, the leaders of the contact center and customer experience industry came together in Barcelona for a new edition of Plataforma de Negocio, an event organized by Peldaño, the Contact Forum's parent company. The two-day event was a highly rewarding networking session, where industry experts shared their vision and exchanged innovative

inConcert made its presence felt with the presentation of Julia Morales, our Business Development Manager, who kicked off the second day of the Contact Forum 2021. Her talk was titled "The TOP 3 inefficiencies in your customer relationships: diagnosis and treatment" and was aimed primarily at including attendees who are not as familiar with the more complex terms in our industry and the initiatives being undertaken throughout it.

Using a "back to basics" approach, inConcert's talk was a appeal to the common sense of companies that want to improve their results and reduce costs. "It is a common mistake to start thinking about implementing complex technologies, such as sentiment analysis or AI, when you haven't yet adapted to basic strategies such as omnichannel, skills-based management, or other strategies that are the cornerstones of what we do," explained Julia Morales.

Adapting to a changing world

Among the topics addressed in the Contact Forum 2021 sessions were the different ways in which contact centers have adapted to customer relationships during the pandemic, and how new digital channels have been gaining traction.

It was also noted that, due to these changes, the industry is aiming to reinforce technological training for agents (and other employees) to adapt to the new roles and tools they use on a daily basis.

Another central theme was the evolution of bots and how to make interactions with them more and more "real", thus building closer relationships with customers.

For inConcert it was a great pleasure to be part of this long awaited event. We'll see you at the 2022 edition!