Increase sales, reduce the cost per interaction and multiply your team’s productivity with telemarketing and lead generation solutions from inConcert. Deploy advanced functions to help your agents spend less time idle and more time talking to prospects. Make your campaigns more profitable with tools that help agents sell more while you obtain better information and control over your operations.


  • Automatic dialing.

    Avoid wasted agent time spent dialing and waiting for a response. Increase actual talk time by up to 300% using predictive dialing, call progress analysis, and answering machine detection. Agents that talk more, sell more.

  • Customized call scripting.

    Create dynamic call scripts that integrate with your management forms and help agents successfully transition to closing sales.

  • All the information needed to sell, on one screen.

    Provide agents with all the information needed to sell more. inConcert consolidates information from a diversity of your systems with call scripts on just one screen.

  • Integration with your IT systems and business processes.

    Turn your data into increased sales. Access all of the information necessary to execute on your strategies including up selling and cross selling. Anticipate your customers’ needs with new products based on their individual profiles.

  • Record and play back calls.

    Identify which sales messages produce more purchases by recording and listening to calls. inConcert lets you categorize calls by call results, hours, products, agents and many other criteria so it’s easy to locate and playback recordings.

  • Better information for decision making.

    What you can’t measure, you can’t control. Take advantage of robust data reports on your business and telephone operations.

  • Supervision, monitoring, coaching and analysis in real time.

    Monitor the productivity of your telemarketing operations in real time. Immediately detect how to improve sales and supervise agents using web interfaces that provide critical management and analysis information.

  • Broadcast messages with the option to be transferred to an agent.

    Broadcast audio messages about offers and promotions automatically. Just upload your list of contacts, and record your messages. inConcert takes charge of the actual distribution. You can also configure the system to give recipients the option to be immediately transferred to an agent by pressing “1.”

  • Dynamic, automated sales.

    Integrate your call center with your IT systems and business processes, including with sales verification, billing, collections, inventory and logistics. Integration lets you optimize and automate your systems with greater efficiency and at lower costs.

  • Remote agent locations, including working at home.

    inConcert lets you to distribute your sales force wherever necessary without investing in infrastructure. You cut location, transport and energy costs, while locating agents in the manner that is most efficient for your business.

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