On-site solutions, also referred to as in-house or on-premises, call for installing servers at your data center. Since inConcert software is compatible with the standard servers available on the market, you have the freedom to choose the brand you prefer, which can significantly reduce infrastructure costs.

At inConcert we’ve implemented hundreds of on-premises solutions over the past 15 years while we’ve also pioneered contact center technology on the cloud. This experience and the fact that we use the same technology in both cases assures a transparent migration of your operations and data should you decide to move them to the cloud. You also benefit from the fact that even if your system is on-site, you have peace of mind that inConcert can immediately provide you with on-the-cloud services during periods of peak demand or in contingency situations.

While the majority of installations today are on site, there is a growing migration trend to the cloud. To evaluate whether to invest in on-site technology and infrastructure or migrate to the cloud, certain factors need to be considered. For more information, you can evaluate your options here:

  • Benefits

    • You control the infrastructure installed at your data center.
    • Infrastructure and maintenance costs are less because inConcert requires off-the-shelf servers.
    • Migration to the cloud is easy using the same technology.
    • You get immediate access on-the-cloud and on-premises hybrid solutions during peak demand times and in contingency situations.
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