On premises or on the cloud? It really doesn’t matter. With inConcert you get a complete software suite that is fully integrated and oriented towards improving your contact center productivity. You can install it at your business or access it on the could. You decide which option best fits your business needs.

  • What is the cloud?

    The cloud is a metaphor for the internet. Generally, it refers to technology that you use that’s located on a provider’s remote server that you access over the internet.

On PremisesOn the cloud
You acquire contact center technology, which is installed at your business. We provide the contact center technology and it resides at our data center.
Your IT personnel manages and maintains the infrastructure. We manage and maintain the infrastructure.
We provide contact center software maintenance. We maintain the contact center software.
  • Same technology, two options: At your business or on the cloud

    When evaluating contact center software – be it for optimizing your operations, increasing income or improving productivity – you now must decide how to access the technology: at your business or on the cloud; also known as “on premises,” “premise-based,” or “on the cloud,” or “cloud-based,” respectively.

    The decision depends on a variety of factors, among them: the type and volume of your operations; the pace of growth of your business, broadband quality and cost at your location; and the availability of IT personnel; among others. inConcert offers both options and the support and consulting your need to make the choice confident that the option you choose can be adapted to meet your needs.

 At your businessOn the cloud
The infrastructure 1
is located at
your contact center our data center
The infrastructure 1
is managed by
you us
inConcert server software
is located on
your servers our servers
inConcert user
software 2 runs on corre en
your PCs your PCs
Users can
be located at
your business or
any other
location worldwide
your business or
any other
location worldwide
times are
rapid very rapid
inConcert technical
support coverage
24/7, 365 days a year 24/7, 365 days a year
inConcert technical
support provided by
us us
1.Infrastructure refers to server and operating systems hardware.
2. Users can be agents, supervisors, managers, analysts, etc.
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