• Analyze and diagnose your contact center operations.

    There’s always room to improve your contact center operations, including solving customers’ needs on the first contact, improving the penetration of your database, or opting for technology that better fits your business processes and growth. The cost of not doing so is high. Our goal is to understand what’s happening and why, how to secure improvements and design the right solutions for doing so.

  • Increase the profitability of your customer lifecycle.

    As you know, it costs five to ten times more to acquire than to keep a customer you already have. inConcert provides multiple strategies for improving your customers’ experience, building better loyalty and even increasing the value of their lifecycle with your business.

  • Cut operating costs.

    Besides increasing income, inConcert lets you reduce unnecessary contact center costs, optimize your human resources and incentivize customers to use self-service options available on multiple channels.

  • Generate more interactions in less time.

    We know your agents’ time is your principal contact center cost. To be more profitable, your agents need to handle more interactions in less time. inConcert’s technology and knowledge deliver solutions we’re sure will help.

  • Integrate and automate your contact center.

    Many of your contact center processes can be automated, from implementing IVR options to automatic broadcasting of messages. inConcert can help you to integrate and automate your customer service processes, including sales and collections, making your operations smarter and more profitable.

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