Solutions on the cloud, also known as software as a service (SaaS), involve technology that resides on servers at our data center instead of at your business. The advantage is that you can use the technology via a data connection without the need to purchase, administer or maintain it. Using the same infrastructure, we can host technology for various clients (known as multi-tenant hosting) that is compartmentalized with guaranteed independence and privacy. Costs are optimized and we’re able to provide you with rapid solutions with a high level of security at competitive prices on a pay-as-you-go basis.

At inConcert, we’ve pioneered the delivery of cloud-based contact center solutions since 2008, using our data centers in Europe, the U.S. and in Latin America. A key point of importance is that we use the same technology for solutions delivered on the cloud as we do on-site. That means you get a completely transparent migration if you eventually decide to acquire your own infrastructure and operate it on-site.

While there’s currently a preference among most customers for on-site contact center solutions, migration to the cloud is growing. To evaluate whether on the cloud is right for you instead of investing in the necessary on-site technology, certain factors need to be taken into account. For more information, you can evaluate your options here:

  • Benefits

    • Minimized initial implementation costs.
    • Greater speed and flexibility when starting up and scaling operations.
    • Reduced IT maintenance and management costs.
    • Greater data access, security and privacy.
    • Easy migration to on-site solutions.
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