Digital Channels

All digital channels, one omnichannel platform.

Digital Channels

Digital Channels

All digital channels, one omnichannel platform.

Digital Channels

inConcert offers you the widest range of communication options, unifying the attention of your contacts through ten omnichannel digital channels integrated with each other and with voice and video call channels.

Unified inbox
of interactions

inConcert provides an omnichannel and collaborative inbox for calls, chats, emails, SMS, web requests and interactions through Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Google Play. In this way, you ensure a single point of access where all communications are centralized, integrally managing each client. From this same screen, access in real time to contact history, response templates and knowledge bases to provide better service.



With inConcert you can process large volumes of mail, distributed to agents according to advanced distribution criteria and with features that help you meet SLAs. Maximize productivity thanks to the advanced email editor built natively into the platform, real-time collaboration, monitoring and coaching tools, and automated responses.


Access the benefits of a sophisticated and powerful chat application that allows you to give a better experience to your customers. Increase conversions of visits to your pages and at the same time optimize your workforce, serving multiple channels simultaneously. In addition, it incorporates chatbots to automate customer service and reduce operating costs.


Take advantage of the benefits of expanding your company's reach to 2 billion consumers, and the peace of mind of doing so securely. inConcert's omnichannel platform gives you authorized access to the WhatsApp Business API and integrates it with all the other communication channels you are already using.

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Social Media and Apps

More and more consumers use social networks and apps as a means of communication to interact with organizations. Achieve more contacts and greater digital presence by serving them through the social channels and apps they prefer.


Reach your customers effectively, economically and reliably with proactive and automatic text messages, from the same application with which you serve the rest of the channels. Gain efficiency and reduce costs with AI-powered chatbots, canned messages and automated responses.

Web Forms

Get more conversions with contact forms on your landing pages or website, easily created with our design tool. The generated contacts are automatically distributed as interactions through the ACD, and the best qualified agent will respond through the channel the contact has chosen.


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