Content Management

Create pages and emails with attractive, actionable and dynamic content that generate more and better conversions

Content Management

Gestión de contenidos

Design Landing Pages, PopUps and Mails. Simple. Streamline the process of designing, developing and publishing landing pages, publication of landing pages, mini-sites and emails with a Drag & Drop designer enriched with a library that includes hundreds of pre-designed templates, which help you to reduce the time and costs of reduce the time and cost of implementing new campaigns.

Design tools

The key to multiplying your sales lies in how well you can communicate the advantages of your products and how efficiently you can convert visitors into leads.

Design is both an art and a science, and inConcert helps you design your perfect page with a powerful drag-and-drop tool. And if you are an experienced designer, inConcert gives you the tools to make the most of your skills.

Design tools
Template library

Template library

Access a complete library of pre-designed templates that take into account different types of content, themes, styles and communication needs.

The only thing left for you to do is to place the images - for example, your company logo - and insert the text specific to each page.

Hosting and publishing

Once you have designed your website, you don't have to worry about hosting it, because inConcert does it for you. Publishing and un-publishing your pages is as easy as clicking from the content management interface.

Hospedaje y publicación Hospedaje y publicación Hospedaje y publicación


From visit to close, inConcert allows you to track the lifecycle of each lead and identify how your content impacts their progress through the funnel to optimize your acquisition process.

In addition, you can learn how your visitors behave on each page - such as whether or not they scroll down - and get comprehensive analytics reports that help you improve the efficiency of your pages.

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Easily configure the behavior of your pages. With just one click you can define, for example, whether or not to show the cookie warning or whether or not to validate the form fields, among many other options.

Behavior configurable
Dynamic personalization

Dynamic personalization

Improve your visitors' experience and conversion rate. inConcert dynamically personalizes the content displayed on your page based on contextual variables such as time of day, day of the week, campaign or customer data.

In addition, each page automatically takes the functional attributes of the campaign it is associated with - such as the phone number - and also personalizes its behavior.

A/B testing

Optimize the performance of the content of your pages by performing A/B tests in a simple and efficient way.

With inConcert you can define type A and type B templates and also configure the percentage of times you want each one to be displayed, in order to compare which variant performs better.

A/B testing A/B testing A/B testing

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