Sales automation

Let inConcert CRM work for you.

Sales automation

Automatización de ventas

Delegate to inConcert the repetitive but necessary tasks to generate more sales, and you focus on winning opportunities.
Automate processes, tasks and reminders so that nothing get lost and make better use of your time.

Automatic lead

Don't lose any more leads! Act on them as soon as they are generated, thanks to automatic notifications to sales teams.

Configure flows with distribution rules to deliver them to salespeople's PCs or mobiles in just a second after they complete the contact form.

Automatic lead distribution
Proactive contact

Proactive contact

Segment contact lists with high precision. Automatically send them WhatsApp messages, SMS, emails or phone calls to communicate offers or new products, to nurture them with information of their interest or simply to make them remember you.


Energize your sales with a powerful visual designer that allows you to draw workflows that automate sales processes.

From the reception and distribution of leads, delivery of commercial documentation, sales validation and integration with payment methods, to the dispatch of merchandise, control of returns and even the scheduling of recurring orders.

Automated workflows
Progress in the funnel Progress in the funnel Progress in the funnel

Progress in the funnel

inConcert CRM also allows you to automate the progress through the stages of opportunities through the sales funnel, according to predefined rules, and to configure the sending of documentation according to the status of each opportunity.

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