We are leaders in omnichannel
software solutions

Since 2001 we have been developing world-class software for contact centers,
marketing, sales, and customer experience.

What do we do?

Since 2001, we have been developing software to help companies from various sectors optimize their
contact center operations, marketing, sales, customer service, and collections.

We also provide professional services based on Industry Best Practice that
allow us to deliver turnkey solutions aimed at reducing costs, improving service processes,
and providing an excellent user experience.

years developing
contact software
for clients
countries, 4 continents
with inConcert
managed per year
with inConcert

How do we do it?

"inConcert has one of the best customer loyalty and satisfaction ratings in the European market.

After almost two decades of experience in the sector, its original customers continue to trust and choose the company.

The fundamental reason for this is inConcert's customer-centric approach. The company grows, innovates, and evolves with the idea of providing superior value to its customers."

Federico Teveles | Research Analyst Information and Communications Technologies, Frost & Sullivan

Frost Sullivan

A little bit of background...

In 2001 we set ourselves the challenge of creating an innovative, full-IP,
multimedia contact center platform that would easily integrate with other systems
to maximize customer lifetime value. Over the years, we have continued to innovate, improving our technology and
expanding our portfolio, all of which has earned us recognition and technology leadership awards.

2002 2002
  • inConcert Development
2003 2003
  • Global pioneer in the exclusive use of full-IP technology
    in contact centers
2006 2006
  • EAI technology for integrating the contact center with data,
    systems, and business processes
  • Operations in Latin America
  • Offices in Mexico
2007 2007
  • Multimedia Contact Center adds web chat and
    e-mail to voice interactions
2010 2010
  • Cloud and multi-tenant technology development for
    virtual contact centers
  • Operations in Europe Offices in Barcelona and Madrid
2012 2012
  • Operations in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Own hosting centers in USA and Spain
2015 2015
  • inConcert Omnichannel Contact Center natively integrates voice,
    digital, and social channels
  • Offices in Lima
2017 2017
  • Incorporation of artificial intelligence, cognitive bots, and virtual assistants
  • Offices in Bogota
  • First release of inConcert Workforce Management and inConcert Quality
  • First release of inConcert Marketing
2019 2019
  • First releases of inConcert Help Desk, inConcert Speech
    Analytics and inConcert CRM
  • Offices in Costa Rica
2021 2021
  • Addition of WebRTC support
  • inConcert joins Frost & Sullivan Radar in CCaaS in Europe
  • First release of inConcert Collections

Global reach,
Local presence

Customers in 27 countries and across 4 continents have enabled us to become a leader in the contact center, marketing, sales, and customer service technologies sector.

At the same time, at inConcert we have always strived to remain close to our users and to keep communication channels open to allow easy access and direct communication with our decision-makers.

Global reach