Corporate American Solutions

CasCorp increases its conversion rate by 54% thanks to inConcert.


The company

Corporate American Solutions (CAS) is an organization based in Miami, FL. that markets and sells its products directly through its own 250-seat call center.

Founded in 2003, it has achieved a prominent position in the Direct Selling industry due to its high conversion rates and loyalty strategies.


The Challenge

Increase lead generation and improve conversation rates.

CAS Corp's main challenge was focused on improving its conversion rate. The established goal was to reach 56% conversion rate, taking as a starting point the current 37%. Likewise, the goal was to increase the number of leads through the diversification of strategies.

Control media performance.

Another of the requirements established by CAS Corp, oriented to decision making, was to have the capacity to fully control and obtain statistics on the performance of the media campaigns.

Increase global sales.

Within the defined strategies and goals, CAS Corp proposed to increase global sales by creating a “Re-orders” area, in order to generate new sales to existing customers. "Re-orders" would have its own sales targets of no less than 30% of the organization's total sales.

Seguimiento y control de entrega.

To reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction, CAS Corp defined a logistics process to be leveraged with strategies at the contact center and application management level.

The solution

A comprehensive solution was proposed to cover CAS Corp's direct sales strategy in a global way, including from the customization of the contact center functionalities to the development of the front-end for the management of the complete cycle and the integration between both platforms to enhance the results.

Automatic voice and sms messaging and predictive dialing.

In order to increase the number of leads, new strategies were defined through the contact center that accompanied the television media campaigns. These were based on:

  • Voice and text messages, massive and automated, and press-one campaigns.
  • Telemarketing through predictive dialing campaigns.

At the same time, lead management was optimized through:

  • Automatic distribution of leads.
  • Automatic call-back of abandoned calls.
  • Vendor monitoring, recording and rating based on configurable attributes.

Hosting and remote agents.

We implemented the functionality of remote agents and the operation from multiple locations, maintaining centralized logistics and core processes.

Media management system and performance indicators.

The front-end application developed included tools for media management that included, for example, the administration of advertising guidelines, inventory and administration of Toll Free Number, budget allocation for each campaign, among others.

In addition, decision-oriented performance indicators were generated (conversion per medium, cost per call, cost per order, among others) and tools for analyzing campaign profitability and response.

Automatic dialing to increase productivity of "Re-orders".

Predictive dialing campaigns were implemented for "re-orders", fully integrated with the management application. The strategy was based on applying business rules and filters on the existing customer base and generating lists with these to be processed each day by a predictive dialer.

Follow-up activities and automatic shipping management.

The front-end application allowed the registration of all followup activities (payment and shipment confirmations to customers, claims, rejections, reshipments, changes in payment method, upsale) and automated the shipping process through dialer campaigns.


The Results

The implementation of the integrated sales solution -including direct sales, proactive sales, automation and offshoring of the workforce- allowed Cascorp to obtain the following results:

  • It was possible to increase the conversion rate by an average of 54% and sales generated in the Re-orders area reached 38% of global sales.
  • A daily management of 23,000 calls was achieved, obtaining a Talk-Time of more than 50 minutes per hour for each salesperson.
  • Offshoring and telecommuting strategies were implemented while maintaining absolute control over resources, processes and adherence to quality standards.
  • Additional operational growth was achieved with 80 workstations distributed in Colombia and Peru and an additional 65 teleworkers connected to the system from their homes in Colombia and Mexico.

The Protagonists

"With inConcert we have obtained a significant improvement in productivity and managed to increase the conversion rate to sales by more than 50%."

Luis Cariola
CEO of Cariola Group