What is inConcert?

A software platform with which we build solutions for optimizing Call Center operations.

How are the solutions built?

  • First, we analyze your operations, identifying opportunities for improvement, and then we design custom solutions.
  • Then, we implement your solutions using our proprietary Call Center software and implementation and specialized consulting services.
  • We follow up your operation and optimize your system executing further improvements and provide maintenance.

Where is the system installed?

Where you decide. It can be installed at your business on your servers or it may reside at our data centers on the cloud.

Expertise and focus on Call Center operations

We know how to make your business more profitable.

We know how to increase your profitability thanks to the experience and expertise we have built over the past 15 years focused on boosting Call Center operations performance.

We build solutions that bring together our technology and expertise.

We don’t outsource projects. The entire implementation cycle for your custom solution is our responsibility—from diagnosis and solution design to Call Center software.

We depend on you.

Our growth as a business directly depends on your business results.