New channels: Google Play and App Store integrated with inConcert Omnichannel Contact Center


Fernanda Barboza
May 18, 2020


Companies that offer apps for download will be able to manage from inConcert Omnichannel Contact Center (OCC) the conversations generated in Google Play Store and App Store. This expands the possibilities of contact with customers and facilitates the management of all digital channels of the company, from the same platform.

What can OCC users do with Google Play and App Store from the platform?
  • Interact with users who leave reviews on associated applications.
  • All conversations will be threaded without losing previous ones, and the history of conversations can be viewed regardless of who attends them.
  • Interactions can be re-pasted, transferred, comments can be added, tags can be assigned and interactions can be reopened once they are completed. It is also possible to issue a ticket from each conversation.
  • The same Contact Center agent can interact with several users at the same time and the interactions can be treated depending on the defined Service Levels.

Recently, YouTube had been integrated as a channel to the OCC platform. With the addition of Google Play and App Store, inConcert remains at the forefront in the diversification of channels, so that OCC user companies can take advantage of all communication opportunities with their customers, through all the media they use.