Get your Official WhatsApp integrated to your omnichannel strategy


By Julio Guridi
September 25, 2019


Now inConcert accompanies its customers throughout the process to acquire the official WhatsApp Business API and serve the channel from our Omnichannel Contact Center platform.

At the beginning of 2019 we shared with you one of the most awaited news for many customers: WhatsApp was added as an attention channel in our omnichannel contact platform. Today we not only offer the option of incorporating this channel, but we also solve the entire WhatsApp management for our customers, providing a complete and comprehensive service to ensure an efficient, safe and official use of this channel, fully integrated with other channels and contact solutions of the company.

While WhatsApp has been used by enterprises for years to communicate with customers in one-to-one interactions, the official WhatsApp Business API was launched by the company just over a year ago. This allowed larger companies to manage a large volume of interactions at the hands of multiple operators, from a single interface and with official enablement.

However, due to the recent launch of this product, there are still doubts about its proper use. Many customers ask us about costs, authorizations and possibilities of use, since they do not have full information. At the same time, dozens of integrators or official distributors (also called BSP's, Business Service Providers) have emerged, each with its own business model, which can make it confusing to understand the processes of acquiring the official API.

Therefore, from inConcert, in addition to managing the official integration to the WhatsApp Business API, we provide advice on how to use it strategically in the contact center. Instead of dealing with a separate provider, our clients have inConcert as a point of contact, incorporating the new channel into the platform they already use.

Advantages of integrating WhatsApp Business with inConcert

Official access to the WhatsApp Business API allows companies to send and receive messages through authorized means, which avoids blockages and technical problems. Everything they need from this channel is accessed from a single window.

inConcert takes care of the entire management process: we give advice, manage the registration and approval of the account, resolve the activation of the phone number, set up the account in your Omnichannel Contact Center, process the billing and collection of the message traffic.

But in addition to this "vertical" process of acquiring the new channel, we perform a "horizontal" integration to all other contact channels and other management solutions used by the customer, such as HelpDesk, Marketing and Sales, or omnichannel chatbots. inConcert facilitates this entire process, optimizing time and resources for our customers and ensuring a truly omnichannel integration.

Learn what you can achieve with WhatsApp for customer service: